New Net Neutrality Through the Eyes of a Former FCC Chair

net neutrality

I could not have said it better about the new “Net Neutrality” regulations so I will just reblog.

What it was packaged as and what it does are two entirely different things. What we had before the FCC’s ruling WAS Net Neutrality by definition.

What we have now is a govt intrusion… again. I’m sure the NSA will keep its collective fingers out of all regulatory measures, right? They are a highly trustworthy agency after all.

Follow this link to understand the view of the new Net Neutrality from former FCC chair, Michael Powell.


Ross Ulbricht Convicted!

Ross Ulbricht

About a month ago I posted an article about Silk Road owner/operator Ross Ulbricht who went by the name Dread Pirate Roberts.

In a sad turn of events, Ross Ulbricht has been convicted on ALL seven counts levied against him.

“30-year-old Ulbricht was convicted of all seven crimes he was charged with, including narcotics and money laundering conspiracies and a “kingpin” charge usually reserved for mafia dons and drug cartel leaders….”  from Greenberg’s Wired report.

Ulbricht’s legal team said they are filing an appeal.

What this does is makes any and ALL webmasters responsible for the content of their site regardless of who uploads it. To some extent this may may a bit of sense… on the other hand it is impossible to monitor millions of users’ uploads and goings on. Of course, that may be the intent of the govt with their proposed “Net Neutrality” bill.

This case makes me a criminal if anything posted to my site is illegal. Think on that a while.

Mark Cuban on Net Neutrality

Mark Cuban isn’t wrong. The implications of the govt regulating the Internet is highly troubling.

Freely shared and expressed information is what is needed and required by the Constitution.

Businesses have the right to conduct business as they see fit and as consumers allow according to the free and open market.

Private persons and businesses are freely able to enter into contracts and have them binding and legal.

The govt need not have interference with personal dealings of this kind.

Is the Government Spying on Your Computer?

Ever wonder if you are being digitally spied on? Maybe you are.

Some viruses and trojans have very specific tasks that either run in the background and some are quite visible.

Famed Digital Goddess Kim Kom Mando found that:

“The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports that military-grade viruses are built to:

  • Target remote Internet users’ computers
  • Read personal email
  • Listen in on private calls
  • Record keystrokes
  • Remotely watch someone through his or her camera
  • Remotely access someone’s microphone”

Key loggers that record your keyboard keystrokes typically run in the background If you aren’t specifically looking for one you may never know your system is infected.

Security is your responsibility. No one will do it for you, though there are those like myself that will assist in added security measures.

Resist Surveillance has created a Windows program to detect such intrusions called Detekt and can be downloaded here.